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AIGAR Network - post / read crypto news, create safe deals, buy / sell goods, search for employers, make deals based on smart contract Aigar

Aigar CryptoSocial Platform

> About Platform:

We created a Social network combinding many features from existing socials and added new features never seen before. You can create your profile, communicate with friends in public and in privat chats, share posts, share media files, organize groups, create public pages for companies/friends, share stories (these are automatically deleted after 24hours), connect to other people, buy products you ever wanted or sell those you dont need for money in our marketplace, discover new stuff you like and much more. Tools are available for promoting groups and products. Also we added an advertising system, reach exactly the audience you want. All payments with Aigar.

> Envoys Vision LLC:

We are also happy to announce that Envoys Vision LLC is now representing Aigar to the public.

> WEB- Wallet in our Platform:

We added a web-wallet to our platform to simplify the process of accessing your Aigar coins.

You can store and pay people directly from your profile with only some clicks.

> Jobs:

Create a job request with a safe transaction. If you are a customer (company or private), you can place a task about some work with an indication of the amount of payment and certain deadlines. If you are a performer, you can post your resume to facilitate the search for work, as well as select the tasks suitable for you. All transactions are executed in a separate safe room using escrow accounts. Payment for work is transferred to the escrow account, but the contractor will receive these funds only if the customer accepts the work. The transaction is recorded in the smart contracts of the Aigar network.

> Market :

Post products and start selling directly from your profile. Sell and buy goods for AGR and other digital currencies like BTC, ETH and USDT (without fiat funds). Payments are processed in an escrow account and are transferred to the seller only if the buyer confirms that he received the goods in proper quality. Controversial issues may be resolved by arbitration.

> Fundraising:

Present your projects to our community and collect Aigar coins for their implementation. Get investments for your startup from other users and from Aigar developers. Place projects about creating applications on our platform, collect funds for donations to social funds. Invest in those projects that interest you and monitor progress in fulfilling obligations. Rounds of investing are transparent and controlled, and in case of progress default the funds are sent back to investors.

> Subscription Aggregator:

Post thematic news, subscribe to communities, media companies, receive only sorted content from various sources.

> Applications:

Develop applications for publishing on the Aigar platform using our API. Create applications directly on our platform.

> Cloud mining:

We added a Cloud mining system connected to the blockchain and to our platform. It is available for coin mining with a choice of different power levels.

In the future, personal mining will be available (with personal equipment). You can buy cloud mining machines and earn Aigar every month!

> New Blockchain:

Now lets talk about our new blockchain. Our blockchain is a modification of turbo geth and inherits some features of ethereum and features never seen before. It in no way connected to the Ethereum Chain. We have our complete own Blockchain.

The problem of network scalability is solved, the network protocol is changed and new features have been added to create a super stable and perfectly working blockchain to provide you a currency that can be used to pay friends or pay goods in a matter of nearly “lightning speed”!

> Our Social Networks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitWhite

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aigarofficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@aigarofficial

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5181783

Telegram chat: https://t.me/aigarnet