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В мобильной версии смещение изображения кошелька...

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Please fix night theme for Wallet and Mining pages

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1- From the left frame only "my groups" section is there however users may need to surf what groups they have already joined. Then "show joined group" section should be.

2- Some users are very active in Aigar web. We can eliminate the post of them in the main page by choosing "less post this user" or "do not show this user's post" options

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To deactivate 2FA feature no pin number needed compared to when activating it.

If thieve know ur password then your account will be stolen..

Please add "pin number" feature sent to registered email if user want to deactivate 2FA

BugReport No 3

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Cannot send and receive Aigar from and to my metamask wallet. Is this a bug??

When send i wait even more than 5 minutes status still "waiting for confirmation"

transaction hash: 0xfa6ddf14b9494ae812489c1c79c4b885d21b8e27f25ea01cfe58a1ec7f44fa5c

BugReport No 2